Welcome anonymous !

Computer science needs a lot of knowledge and to avoid some memory leak, I decided to write everything I think that is usefull to know. So, this website is more a geek's diary than a real blog. I am happy to share some technical stuff and to maybe help someone somewhere but you really need to know this isn't the primary goal of this website. I haven't enough free time for this.

  • There is no comments space (at least for now)
  • There is no contact section to complain about my english or my articles.
  • There isn't new design incoming.
  • There is no after sales service, so if you have question(s) click here !

PS : If you have really usefull and interesting remark or you just want to injure me, you can still try to contact me by mail edouard.germain@ymail.com (add [USELESS] at the beginning of the subject of your email to be sure I will read it).